damiano armela  and donjeta, s*x in isolation

Damiano has made an important announcement for his fans.2935120

It seems that the story between Damiano and Armela has come to an end, After Damian’s visit to Kosovo, and the meeting with Donje, Liridon and their family, in order to soften the debates they had recently, it seems that Donjeta’s sister has published A video about Armelën because of its color and origin. This was enough to upset Armela as a beggar, who through a status on Instagram wrote outrageously: I really feel bad when a family looks like they have read the Kanun and their low capacity reaches pseudo-guesses when they have a child orientated Different sex. When the whole world judges and you burn in your soul, do you think that the other person has a family who curses every day heartily for the pain That causes? I’m sorry that some have not managed to cross the fence of ignorance. I passed it all quietly, but no more water washes. I swear that this is the first and last time I deal with the same hypocrisy. I do not pay attention to you because I know that you ask for this, suffer for this, pray for that before you sleep. God be with you!. Just a few minutes ago, Damiano reacted, who has sharply criticized Donje’s and her family’s actions, publicly pleading Armela, who according to him was unjustly injured. Not only that, but Damiano has also shown the secret between him and Donje, writing that they both had se. when they were   Dance is needed? The second. Armella with her absolute right got married to me and I agree very much. I agree because someone used my goodness and I ended up doing so. If you have really supported us in the beginning, do it now and now, like with Armelen and me. I do not want all of this “overwhelming” to lead to disruption. Joo, we join together and share you want endlessly. But we can not be together Each other at any moment we need. And with this status I apologize publicly that in order to fix the situation, I borrowed it when someone profits from it. Ahhhh as for Donje, have at least respected those intimate sexual moments we passed in isolation. Hajdeeee today deny this I wanted now. I am ready to go to the media to confront. ”


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