Cristiano Ronaldo slams critics after Real Madrid win title: ‘I’m not a devil’

Cristiano Ronaldo hit back at his critics in the media on Sunday after guiding Real Madrid to their first La Liga title in five years, saying he’s not the “delinquent” that he believes he’s often made out to be.

Ronaldo scored the opening goal as Madrid beat Malaga 2-0 on the final day of the season to end their domestic league title drought, and the superstar afterward responded to his treatment in the press over the past few days.

“We wanted to win La Liga, and we achieved it with a lot of sacrifice and intelligence from the players’ and the coaches’ side.”

“We are very happy, we had a spectacular end of the season, the best of the last years.”

“I did well. In comparision with the last year, I think that I had 7 matches less in my legs, and this became noticeable. I prepared myself very well for the final of this season and I helped the team with goals and good performances.”

(Ballon D’Or?) “I’m not at all preoccupied with that because these trophies can only be won with the help of the teammates. It was a fenomenal season and on individual level I think it was also the best season with Real Madrid because everyone got playing time and everyone contributed, so this is the season of the whole team and all the supporters.”

“Now we go for the Champions League. We know that it will be a very difficult final. But now we will enjoy this beautiful moment. 5 years without winning La Liga – and therefore we have to enjoy the moment at Cibeles and then we have time to prepare the Champione League final.”

“It hurts me when people talk about me and don’t know shit. This hurts me!
And you, not you personally, but many journalists, are reporting things that are not true. And that makes me angry.
Therefore I don’t read the press, I don’t watch TV because if I did I wouldn’t have much of a life, because I’d notice how often they talk about me in a bad way, both in football and outside of football, and they don’t know me. They talk about me as if I were a delinquent, a bad person. But the truth always emerges.
When people talk about me they get it wrong, inside and outside of football. Football critics don’t worry me because I know doing the analysis, people will shut up.”

“They always have two stones in their hands when I speak. I am not a saint, but I’m not a devil either, which is what many people say I am.
I don’t like these things because I have a family, my mother, my son. And I don’t like that people categorise me with those who do follies, because I don’t, I do things well.”

“The mister and his staff were the key to our success. They acted very intelligently. We won La Liga, a very difficult league, against  one of the best teams in the world, Barcelona, and in the final phase we did a fenomenal work.”

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