For lunch before entering in Big Brother. This Gerta comment reveals even more of the scandal


Damiano has again received the attention of the public after having published in his Instagram account a picture of some of the residents in Big Brother. They appear having lunch in a picture that was fired before entering the most famous home in Albania. Olsi, Fiorentina, Musa and Denis are four of the residents who were known before going into the game.

But it seems they were not the only ones. The picture shows an unknown girl who many have confused with Gertën, another resident of this edition.

On an unofficial site bearing the name of Big Brother on Instagram, the photo that Damiano has distributed has been published, and a response from Gertës, former resident of Big Brother, has come out among the comments. Gerta has shown that she too has been there that lunch, in a conversation with one of the commentators.

One commentator writes :

” I dont  understand this Gerta Shinon. Next says the girl in the picture is not me … even below says we ate lunch without the permission of the production. Come on over. ”

In a previous message that Gerta has deleted since no longer exists, the ex-resident appears to have admitted that it was part of that lunch and also denied that the girl in the photo is she. From what can be understood by the comments, they have come up without the knowledge of the production.

In another comment Gerta writes:

“Where were the lunches mentioned? Do you think so, that you can guess that even though I was not in the picture, I could have been there, too? You do not know many things you “public” so you better see and listen to what we serve you without giving much comment and imagination. ”

It seems that Gerta has a lot of things she has not yet told even though she has somehow made us realize that she has known these people before entering Big Brother. Perhaps as it may have been but there has not been a picture, there may have been other residents


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