The six curses that Real Madrid can face in the Champions League final

Real and Juventus go with their own disadvantages and advantages, but as the two coaches have often stated, finals of this kind are determined by episodes and maybe even … fate.

And precisely, based on this latest Spanish sports newspaper, Marca has brought the six “curses” of the Madrid players in this finale.

First, since the Champions League defeated the Champions League by changing the format, no team has managed to win this trophy two times in a row. The first one who tried was Milan, who after defeating Barcelona 4-0 in the 1994 final, surrendered 1-0 ahead of Ajax a year later. Ajaxi himself handed the trophy to Juventus later and the latter at Dortmund. In 2008, Manchester United defeated Chelsea with a penalty, but lost to the next 2-0 win over Barcelona. 

Second, since the World Cup was established 17 years ago, no team has managed to win the Champions League in the same season as the winner.

Third, fear of the former. In 2015, two goals from Morata sent Juventus to the final and the same happened in the 2003-2004 season, but with the protagonist Morientes, who with Monaco has eliminated his former “Los Blancos” team. In Madrid they fear the repetition of the same scenario, but this time by Higuain and Khedira, both of the former Madrilenas.

Fourth, another coincidence … in the five Champions titles that Real (plus six in the Champions League, 11 in total), none have been won in a year like 2017. The seventh was won in 1998 against Juventus, The eighth in 2000 against Valencia, the ninth in 2002 against Bayer Leverkusen, the 10th and 11th against Atletico Madrid respectively in 2014 and 2016.

Fifth, the seventh rule. Ever since the new format was created, every seven years the two-eyed cup was won by an Italian team, starting in 1996, just won by Juventus. In 2003 it was the turn of Milan, in 2010 that of Inter and in 2017 … for this should be expected June 3.

Sixth, afraid of purple color. With this color will be “forced” to play Real Madrid in the final of Cardiff. This is the second fan of Zidane’s team, which has not brought luck. With this shirt, the “merengues” team has been defeated in Valencia and Sevilla and in total the number of matches lost this season with this color is 40 percent.

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