This is Ronaldo’s plan for success

Zidane will seek to repeat the success of this season from Ronaldo even in the coming calendar year, managing the time of Ronaldo’s presence in the field.

In the summer of 2016 in a talk between Zidan and Ronaldo, they decided that the Portuguese would not play 90 minutes in most matches in order to be fresh throughout the season, especially at the club’s main moments. This decision turned out to be appropriate because it resulted in La Liga and Champios League winning.

Zidane and Ronaldo have come to the conclusion that for winning trophies it is not mandatory for Ronaldo to play in any match and is not obliged to play in 90 minutes. But it is important that he be cool for the big games.

During the summer, Ronaldo will have 1 month break from the club due to his participation in the Confederations Cup with the Portuguese national team.

Unlike last year when Ronaldo was injured at the start of the season, he is expected to be in shape during pre-season preparations and 100% ready for the new start of the season.

Due to his vacation and his participation with Portugal at the Confederations Cup, it is possible he does not travel with the team in the US, which means he may miss the match against Barcelona in Miami.

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